Students Abroad and their Tuition Fees to Lancaster

Undergraduate Studies Committee
Membership 2008-09
Professor Paul Wellings
Professor Bob McKinlay
Dr Gavin Brown
Mrs Lesley Wareing
Dr Paul Rodaway
Mr Ian Denny
Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)
Pro-Vice Chancellor for Academic Development
Director of Undergraduate Studies (Chair)
Academic Registrar
Director of CELT
Head of Student Registry
Associate Deans for Teaching:
Dr Mike Wright
Dr Jane Taylor
Mr Mike Doupé
Dr Fiona Benson
Dr Pelham Gore
Dr Colin Pooley
Dr Neil Boynton
Mr Michael Payne
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Teaching, Management School
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Teaching, Science and Technology
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Teaching, Arts and Social Sciences
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Teaching, School of Health and Medicine
Senate Representative
Senate Representative
Senate Representative
LUSU President
In Attendance
Ms Laura Pannett
Dr Tony Abbott
Mr John McGovern
Ms Heather Willles
Ms Claire Geddes
Teaching Quality Support Office
Teaching Quality Support Office
Director of Marketing and Recruitment
Undergraduate Admissions Officer
Communications and Support Services Manager, LUSU
Mr Richard English