Student Learning Assessment Program

Student Learning Assessment Program
Response to Summary Form
Undergraduate Programs 2013
Department: Family and Consumer Sciences, Family Services option
Level 2-3,
Family Services
How, Where,
and When
Level 2, Family
Level 2-3,
Family Services
Level 2, Family
Level 3, Family
Objectives are clear, programmatic, and measurable. As you may
know, the University has set a goal that all undergraduate
departments adopt at least 3 of the 4 undergraduate goals. This
program has elements of two—global citizenship and critical
thinking—in objectives 2-5. Although students may be speaking
and writing through assignments in courses, the program has not
adopted those goals as learning objectives to be assessed through
the major.
This plan has both direct—exams and coursework—and indirect
measures—exit survey, which should provide a good mix of
measures. The inclusion of more data collection from the
internship experience provides the needed direct assessment for
objectives 3 and 4. You may find that exam questions in one
course and a couple of survey questions on the exit survey are not
as robust as you need for true understanding of student learning.
As you mention in Part 3, you may need to add more data points
and/or consider if your objectives fully cover the major knowledge
and skills you seek for your graduates. It appears that you are
using grades for FCS 3853 and I would encourage you to think
about a rubric that would make clear what is being assessment and
how to allow for comparison across time. Does the PCM require
faculty to complete a form or checkbox of some sort?
Clarification would be helpful here.
Expectations have been established for direct and indirect
measures and may be tracked over time. I am pleased to see that
you were able to increase your expectations for your student
outcomes and still meet them. This shows the attention to rigor
that the Provost has asked departments to assure.
Results are collected and analyzed. Congratulations on the
increase in your survey scores!
Feedback loop is in place and seems quite robust. Changes are
made to the curriculum for the improvement of student learning.
You mentioned moving 2 courses from electives to requirements.
What assessment data has led to this change? That kind of
specificity is what NCA/HLC will want to see.
How Results
Will Be Used
Levels should not be interpreted as grades or scores; they are stages of implementation based on patterns of
characteristics described by North Central Association/Higher Learning Commission. These levels are
approximations based on the information provided in the summaries. Please refer to the checklist on the assessment
web site ( for the Primary Traits listed for each level.