TFSD Unwrapped Standard 3rd Math Algebra sample

TFSD Unwrapped Standard
Grade 7 - Math
Grade 7 - Pre-Algebra
(Skills specific to Pre-Algebra are noted in bold and underlined)
Power Standard (s) Reference: Standard 6 – Variables and Expressions
State Standard: 3.1 – 3.2 Use and evaluate algebraic expressions to represent mathematical
District Standard: 6.2 Understand and use variables to write and simplify expressions.
TFSD Power Standard:
Students identify and use variable representation to simplify, evaluate, and translate
algebraic expressions.
Concepts: Need to know about (Nouns)
• Variable
• Numerical and Algebraic Expressions
• Addition and Multiplication Properties
• Coefficient, variable terms, like terms, and constants
Skills: Be able to do (Verbs)
• Classify coefficient, variable terms, like terms and constants, including radicals.
• Apply the properties of exponents including negative and zero exponents.
• Simplify numerical and algebraic expressions
• Simplify polynomial using properties of exponents
• Identify and apply commutative, associative, identity, distributive, substitution, and
zero properties
• Translate a verbal phrase to a mathematical expression
• Simplify basic radical expressions ie ( 24  2 6 )
Identifying Big Ideas from Unwrapped Standards:
1. An expression involves operations of constants and/or variables where no equality is implied.
2. Addition and multiplication properties allow rearrangement of numbers and variables to
make simplifying easier.
3. Expressions are translated from verbal to mathematical form to facilitate working with them.
Essential Questions from Big Ideas to Guide Instruction and Assessment:
1. What is a numerical or algebraic expression?
2. How are the addition and multiplication properties applied in simplification?
3. What is the purpose of translating expressions?
Possible Topics or Context: (what you will use to teach the concepts and skills-particular
unit, lessons or activities)