Academic Lab Rules and Procedures

Academic Lab
Mr. Buatte
CMS Library
Course Description:
Academic Lab is a course that is intended to intervene with students that have
complications successfully completing grade level course work in mathematics and
reading. The class is an individualized intervention mechanism that allows students to
complete an online tutoring program that is geared to accommodate each student’s
current level of mastery.
Students will earn a “satisfactory” mark or an “unsatisfactory” mark based on the
teachers judgment of the following criteria:
Time on Task requirements
Concept Mastery Requirements
Classroom Participation
Exhibiting cooperation and cooperative behavior
Classroom rules
Respect me, yourself, and your peers.
Come to class prepared and on time.
Cooperate with me and your classmates.
Put forth 100% effort in all that you do.
Students must follow time on task requirements and expectations.
No food or drink (including bottled water) in the classroom.
1st offense – Verbal Warning/conference with me/Office Referral**
2nd offense – Parental Contact/Office referral**
3rd offense – Office referral**
*CMS handbook policies will be followed
**Offenses may warrant immediate office referrals.
Individualized Incentive Program
100% achievements – candy or 1 drawing ticket (max five per day)
10 skills mastered – vending machine item/drink of choice or 5 drawing tickets
20 skills mastered – cut in lunch line pass or 7 drawing tickets
30 skills mastered – Free T-shirt/spirit item or 10 drawing tickets
40 skills mastered – Free Day or 15 drawing tickets
50 skills mastered – Teacher Surprise
Over 50 skills – incentives will begin over at 10 skills mastered
**Graduation from the program – I will buy lunch of your choice for you and one other
Class Incentive Program
150 skills mastered – breakfast in class
300 skills mastered – breakfast in class and game day
400 skills mastered – breakfast and movie day
500 skills mastered – pizza lunch for class
By signing this form, the student and parent acknowledge receiving, reading and
understanding the classroom rules, procedures and discipline plan in Academic Lab.
You also agree to accept these expectations for the 2011-2012 school year.
Parent Signature: _________________________
Student Signature:_________________________
Your student will earn food as rewards as listed above for good conduct and/or
accomplishments throughout the semester.
My son/daughter HAS my permission to receive the above mentioned food incentives.
Parent/Guardian Signature
My son/daughter DOES NOT HAVE my permission to receive the above mentioned food
Parent/Guardian Signature
Please list any food allergies your child has: