How to use MWLP (powerpoint)

Introduction to
MWLP Headquarters
When in the program please, use Firefox; it is highly
recommended for the program.
*DO NOT USE Safari or Internet Explorer; they are NOT
fully compatible.
*While you can use Google Chrome, we still
recommend Firefox.
First type in into the URL box
Logging in
• URL:
Complete I.D. # as
printed on your CSUB
I.D. card
Example: 000987766
8 digit birthday
Example: February 4,
1993= 02041993
Click `I Accept’
if this appears.
NOTE: This will
only appear
the first time
you click into a
Click one of
these links to
get started on
the Path
Builder (PreDiagnostic), if
required, and
to access
topics later.
Remember to save the Path Builder before
leaving it (if you can’t finish it all at once).
Let’s take a look! These
boxes are called modules;
inside, you will find topics
and the activities you
must do to master the
Watch the animations closely, so
you can answer the question
correctly the first time. The entire
video can be played again at a
later time as well.
Complete the
Overview first. After
this is done, you can
go to the Animation,
Recall 1 and 2, and
the Apply activity to
complete the topic.
Click `Go to Learning Path’
when you complete an activity.
activities and
topics will have
a golden star
Green checks are worked on activities
that still need to be mastered.
Grey activities have not been started.
Here is a mastered
topic and activities;
note the gold stars.
Count the gold stars in
your topic list (left), to
see how many topics
you have completed.
Check this list in all the
modules to get your
total completed.
This topic has
not been
You must get an 80% or higher to master activities. If the score is lower,
you will have to redo that activity. Every activity has to be completed at 80% or higher
to master the topic.
Some topics don’t have the gray
activities listed to the right. You
can only master topics that you are
given access to (with activities).
The Learning Path in
Study Skills can offer
you tips on time
as well as exam
preparation and
other crucial skills.
MySearchLab offers an online library,
research tools, and writing tools.
Pearson Tutor Services
-You have 6 paper submissions a year in any subject/style of writing.
-Your paper will be reviewed in 48 hours with suggestions on how to improve
your work.
-There is also an option to buy more if you run out of submissions.