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New Student Orientation
Student Affairs
Recruitment Office
New Student Orientation
All students admitted to the University are required to attend New Student Orientation prior to the
commencement of the semester. The purpose of orientation is to give the new student an overview of
academic advisement, course selection and registration, campus life opportunities, academic support
services and career services that are available to QU students.
Email for new student orientation [email protected]
Orientation Schedule
Orientation schedule is based on statistics of number of admitted students . For scheduling, tracking and
advising purposes, admitted students are classified according to College. As not all applicants will be
admitted to their intended college, these numbers should be used for initial planning purposes only, and
will be updated once final admission decisions are made.
Late Orientation
Students who cannot attend their assigned orientation day we scheduled a Late Orientation appointment to them .
The focus of the late orientation should be to :
1. Provide the student with their QUID and Password.
2. Train the student on how to access and use their MyQU portal arrange with (SIS) team .
3. MyBanner registration services.
4. Register for Spring /Fall semester classes before the Drop/Add deadline .
What is needed for Orientation Day
- Inform Students about Orientation and what day they should come (See Orientation day invitation
- Setup Event Management for QU Orientation in Banner (SLAEVNT – GEAFUNC – GTVFUNC )
- Prepare list of students names that expected to come every day in a specific scheduled time and they
should sign at their names before takes QUID .
- Admissions File
- Translator for international students
admissions file :
It contain all the documents that student need in his academic life:
- Student Handbook
- QU Building Map
- QU gift 4GB USB
- Academic Calendar
- orientation presentation printed in English for international students only
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New Student Orientation
Student Affairs
Recruitment Office
Stands & Services
- Colleges Stands ( Arts & Science – Sharia – Law – Engineering – Business & Eco.- Pharmacy )
- IT Services Desk for PIN resets
- IT Services Desk for Laptop Program
- Library
- Career Services Center (CSC)
- Student Counseling Center (SCC)
- Student Learning Success Center (SLSC)
- Admission desk for submitting Letter
- Registration Department
- SIS Department staff with laptop to fix Banner potential issues
- Foundation Department
- Student Services
- Students Activities
- Business Operations
- Refreshment Table
Orientation Process
Step 1: Submit QUID and Password :
Divide Student name by College and Alphabet , Check on Students ID , then Admission Stuff Provide the
student with their QUID and Password
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New Student Orientation
Student Affairs
Recruitment Office
Step 2: Student attend Orientation
Student attends Orientation presentation., Event program will be in each chair .
Step 3: Visit Stands :
After the presentation , student move around booths ,
Step4 go to Computer LAB :
After visit stands and have drinks , divide students as groups by college with each group ( 20 to 30 )
students there are 3 guides volunteers to take them to LAB .
Step 5 Register for the Course and complete survey :
Student leave LAB after they register and complete survey on line .
International Student Orientation
All students included (immigration and international ) are attend the orientation day :
Same admissions file + printed presentations in English + academic calendar in English .
- head phone to hear translation in English
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