Speech Topics Created By Students

Informative and Persuasive Speech Topics created by students
How young or old is too young or old to have a baby?
Does milk really help your body?
Does mouthwash really kill germs?
Women and loosing weight
Toilet paper as a necessity
Potty training your children
Kids and their exposure to germs
Personal hygiene
The toll of war on the country’s citizens
Steroids to be macho
History of Halloween or any holiday
Cartoon characters and the effects on children
Psychics and religion
Outdoor activities
Female passion for flowers
Garbage men – the unappreciated workers
Divorce rates (young people getting married and divorced before 20)
People always rushing through life
Obesity and health neglection
What is art?
The morning-after pill for skin caner
Prices people pay for name brands
Diabetes awareness
2 bowls of Post cereals a day
Sleep disorders
Herbal treatments to mood disorders
Diet pills
Heart disease
Girls in bikinis in magazines
Skin care
Money spent on cosmetics
Laughing to burn calories
Strawberries used to whiten teeth
Vegetarianism and fake meat
Overactive bladders
Mistreatment of animals
Our Justice System
Adopting babies from foreign countries
Should cops be allowed to testify?
Women Prisons
Prisons for the disabled
Juveniles charged as adults
What it takes to keep a clean mouth
Computers taking over our lives
Hybrid cars vs Electric cars
John Deer tractors
History of flight
Requirements to become a pilot
Pregnant addicts begin prosecuted
Botox injections
Farmer’s production of crops
The tragedy of Pearl Harbor
Lawyers vs clients
Punishments of criminal justice
Laser eye surgery
American made cars
Differences between delivery and Digorno
Wheat bread better than white bread?
Is teeth whitening good for your teeth?
Do insurance companies look for your best interest or theirs?
Do sleeping pills really work?
How much does your mind wander while listening to music?
Do song lyrics really have an effect on what you think?
Are more expensive cars built better?
Atkins vs South Beach Diet
Type I and Type II Diabetes
How far is too far on the radio? (Howard Stern)
Effects of Cholesterol on your body
Cholesterols and major diseases
Cholesterol and genetics
Bad Cholesterol and Good Cholesterol
New cholesterol medication
Teeth grinding
Psychological aspects of teeth grinding
How to get healthy teeth
Importance of a good night’s sleep
Reasons people can’t sleep
Effects of not having enough sleep
Sleep disorders
Reason why people can’t sleep
Helpful websites:
http://wilsonhellie.typepad.com/ (not the best site but has links to other sites)