Community Helpers - RiverdaleKindergarten

Community helpers help the
community by providing services.
Who am I?
A veterinarian.
Who am I?
I like to bake yummy
cookies and cakes to eat. I
work in a bakery.
Sometimes, I wear a big
white hat.
I am a baker.
Who am I?
I cut and style your hair to
make you beautiful.
I am a beautician.
Who am I?
I keep your teeth healthy and
clean. I tell you to brush
your teeth two times a day
and floss your teeth.
I am a dentist.
Who am I?
I take care of you when you
are sick. I make sure your
body is strong and healthy.
I am a doctor.
Who am I?
I grow fruits and vegetables. I
drive a tractor.
I am a farmer.
Who am I?
I put out fires. I drive a big
red truck with a long ladder.
I am a fireman.
Who am I?
I deliver packages and mail
to your house.
I am a mailman.
Who am I?
I keep the streets and
neighborhoods safe.
I am a police officer.
Who am I?
I work in a store. I ring up
your items that you buy.
I am a store clerk.
Who am I?
I work in a school. I teach
wonderful students like you
how to read and write.
I am a teacher.