Standard Operating Procedures - Chapters & Clubs


Standard Operating Procedures for Chapters & Clubs of the ASU Alumni Association




Who is included in the chapter/club?


For Geographic Chapters & Clubs, any alum (degreed/non-degreed) living within the zip code range specified for that group is considered a member of the Chapter or Club. b.

For Special Interest Chapters & Clubs connected to an established student organization at Arizona State University, any alum (degreed/non-degreed) who participated with the c.

corresponding student organization as a student and can be identified in the ASU Alumni database is included as a member of the Chapter or Club. For any Chapter or Club developed to meet a specific interest or to celebrate the identity of the alumni audience, an opt-in membership is available. No alum or “friend of the University” may be excluded from participating in an activity of any Chapter or Club of the ASU Alumni Association.

Chapter/Club Leadership


The Chapter/Club Board of Directors is required to maintain these officer positions: i.



President Vice President Treasurer b.


Secretary Chapters/Clubs may expand the Board to include additional Directors at Large and/or Committee Leads as necessary to meet the needs of the group. See Chapter & Club Officer Roles & Responsibilities in the Online Toolkit for specific expectations per leadership position.

Terms & Elections


Term of Service i.

Officers and Board members commit to a one year term each April (terms b.




operate on the fiscal year, July 1 – June 30). There is no limit on the number of times a term may be renewed. If another individual expresses interest in the position, the Officer/Board Member may turn the position over to that individual or if both people are interested in holding the position, they can choose to share the leadership role or an election will be held. Elections i.

If an election is necessary, it will be performed during a planned chapter/club meeting to be held in the month of April. The meeting must be advertised and open to all members of the chapter/club. Votes may be submitted in person or via e-mail. For a chapter, a minimum of ten individuals must vote; for a club, a minimum of five individuals must vote. Candidate with the majority vote wins. Filling Vacancies i.

The Officers and Board may fill vacancies in the leadership throughout the year as necessary. Mar. 2015


Meetings & Procedures for the Board & Committees


In accordance with Board Policy No. 4 in the Online Toolkit , chapters will host a b.

minimum of four meetings each year, clubs will host two meetings per year. Budget expenditures should be discussed and voted on by the Board prior to the c.

expense. Upon term renewal and/or election results, the Board and Officers will agree on minimum participation expectations for all members of the leadership (i.e. meeting attendance/absences, event coordination & participation). Officers and Board Members d.

who do not fulfill the expectations as agreed upon for the year will be asked by ASUAA to reconsider their commitment to the leadership role. All Chapters and Clubs of the ASU Alumni Association will operate under all guidelines, policies and procedures established and approved by the ASU Alumni Association Board of Directors, including but not limited to: i.

Board Policy No. 4 for Alumni Constituencies ii.


Guidelines for Allocated Chapter Funds Chapter & Club Officer Roles & Responsibilities Mar. 2015