1) When did you last take Human Anatomy Lab at CU Boulder

IPHY 3010-801 Teaching in Integrative Physiology (Human Anatomy Lab)
Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UGTA) Application
Due to the increased interest in the undergraduate teaching assistant program with the human anatomy labs,
all interested persons are required to complete the following application. UGTA offers will be based on the
decision of the course coordinator and will take into account, but not be limited to, the following criteria:
Grade earned in the course
Graduate TA and instructor feedback
Intended major
Teaching availability
Expected date of graduation
Please return completed applications via email to the UGTA coordinator for the fall semester
([email protected]) by the deadline indicated on the lab webpage
(www.colorado.edu/intphys/iphy3415). Decisions will be made by the end of April and you will notified
via e-mail
1) Name: _________________________________
2) When did you successfully complete IPHY 3415 – Human Anatomy Lab?
3) Who was the graduate TA / instructor when you were a student in IPHY 3415?
4) What grade did you earn in IPHY 3415?
5) Have you previously earned credit in IPHY 3010? If so, in what course and during what semester did
you teach? With whom (graduate TA / instructor) did you teach?
6) What is your expected date of graduation? ___________________________________
7) What is/are your major(s)? _____________________________________
8) What is your motivation for serving as a UGTA for Human Anatomy Lab? (please limit your answer to
4-5 sentences)
9) Do you anticipate missing any lab meeting times during the semester? If so, when and how often?
10) Days/times that you most want to teach:
Days/times that you can teach if needed:
Days/times that you cannot teach:
Labs will run on the following schedule:
M/W: 8-9:50AM, 10-11:50AM, 12-1:50PM, 2-3:50PM, 4-5:50PM, 6-7:50PM
T/R: 8-9:50AM, 10-11:50AM, 12-1:50PM, 2-3:50PM, 4-5:50PM, 6-7:50PM
* Note: you will be required to attend mandatory preparatory meetings on Friday at 2PM-3:15 pm. If you
cannot attend either meeting time, you will not be chosen to be a UGTA this semester.