Admissions Director: Job Description
Position Title:
Admissions Director
General Description:
Promote St. John’s Lutheran Church and School. Work with the school’s administration
to increase the school’s enrollment. Your primary responsibility is to increase the
number of inquiries, visits, and applications to the school. You do not have direct
responsibility to determine a student’s actual admission.
The Admissions Counselor will:
1. Be an active member in St. John’s Lutheran Church.
2. Be knowledgeable of St. John’s Lutheran School and supportive of its ministry.
The Admissions Counselor will be responsible for:
1. Being highly visible as a representative of the school in St. John’s congregation
and community.
2. Visiting local preschools, child-care centers, and elementary schools and
develop positive working relationships with them.
3. Maintaining contact with the members of local school staffs with written and
verbal communication throughout the school year.
4. Developing a comprehensive marketing campaign by October of each year and
implementing it, with revisions as necessary, throughout the school year.
5. Guiding prospective families through the application and enrollment process.
6. Arranging, publicizing, and hosting Open Houses during the school year.
7. Developing and maintaining positive relationships with current school families,
prospective families, and community organizations.
8. Developing and maintaining positive relationships with school alumni. You
shall develop a record-keeping system to keep track of alumni and your
communication with them.
9. Attending school functions and interacting with the students, parents, and
10. Attending meetings of the Association of Parents and Teachers and interacting
with them.
11. Taking pictures of students in classrooms, on field trips, and during special
activities and using them for publicity.
12. Publicizing St. John’s events with local newspapers and in the congregation.
13. Maintaining and contributing to St. John’s web site.
Revised October, 2009
14. Discovering and attending school or community fairs where St. John’s can set
up an information booth and organizing volunteers to spend time at the
15. Working with other Lutheran churches, schools, and institutions to coordinate
St. John’s marketing efforts with theirs.
16. Working with members of St. John’s parent community to promote the school.
17. Helping publicize the school’s fundraising efforts.
18. Regularly providing written and oral reports to the principal of work
accomplished and action plans for future projects.
19. Once a student is accepted into St. John’s, helping the family assimilate into St.
John’s community.
20. Acknowledging those within our current school community who join in our
efforts to promote our school (thank-you cards, hospitality gifts, etc.)
This is a part-time position (15 hours per week). It is expected that you will devote all of
the time required to fulfill your responsibilities and that you will give your best
effort to this position. You will be under the direct supervision of the Principal.
Revised October, 2009