The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand – PPT File

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand
Thailand is a Buddhist country
- Population 65 millions
- 95% are Buddhists
- Christianity is less than 1%
- It is a great need of the Gospel
Started in 1976
By the following partners
- Norwegian Mission Society (1976)
- Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (1978)
- Evangelical Lutheran Ch. In Hong Kong (1982)
- Lutheran Church in Singapore
- Kinki Lutheran Ch. in Japan
- Lutheran Church in Australia
3 kinds of work of ELCT
1. Congregational work
2. Theological work
3. Social work
Congregational Work
22 congregations, 13 preaching stations
numbers of Christian groups in villages
Evangelising through radio program
4,000 members
11 pasters and 16 evangelists
More than 200 new baptised members in
12 Local pastors and 6 Missionaries
of the
In 2011
35 Anniversary of ELCT
The church building in Bangkok
House of Hill tribe (Lahu)
Theological work
Luther Seminary Thailand
• Discipleship training in local congregations
• Church Ministry and Church Music – 1 year
• Diploma of Theology 4 year-studies
• Bachelor of Theology 5year-studies
• Seminars 5 times a year
• Material productions for Sunday school
Discipleship Training in Local Congr.
Teaching and Learning in LST
Music Class
Group Study
Hill Tribe Students
Social work
Home of Grace
Home of Praise
Day Nursery
2 Hostels for Students
Counselling for HIV Patients
Family Development
Elderly project
Home of Grace
Immanuel Day Nursery
Immanuel Hostel
Students live in Immanuel Hostel
Mission Team
We need partners in the
Come and help us to share
the Gospel of Jesus Christ