February 8, 2011
Present: Carol Hamblin, Dan Clemenz, Lisa Roberts, Carol Bybee, John Anderson,
Rashidah Thomas, Anita Erickson, Amy Whittall and Anne Kelly.
Minutes for the December 7, 2010, LSC meeting were reviewed. A correction was made
to the minutes regarding the date for Spring Carnival in the event of rain. The rain date is
April 17, 2011.
School Updates: Employees of the Year celebration will be held today honoring the
Teacher of the Year and Professional Employee of the Year. Teacher observations were
held last week. PTA has been very supportive of this endeavor. Congratulations to the
teacher nominees: Lisa Roberts, Virginia Martin, Amanda Bausman and Jill Selzer; and to
the professional nominees: Kelly Skinner, Ashley Kirbas and Brenda Miller.
Budget: Dr. Loe has said that issues concerning the budget are looking better. The county
will not be looking at massive layoffs this year. However, with property values going
down, school revenue will decrease as a result of taxes being lowered.
Charter School System: Efforts are continuing towards looking into the Fulton County
School System becoming a charter school system. Pros and cons are being investigated.
Mr. Anderson passed out copies of the School Improvement Plan. He reviewed the
school’s objectives, actions taken and mid-year summary. Mr. Anderson also related that
the fifth grade writing samples had been sent to Write Score, an independent vendor that is
providing detailed and comprehensive information about each student’s work.
Checkpoints are being administered during a three-week period beginning the last week in
February. Students who may need additional help during “May-mester” (summer school)
will be identified in the areas of reading, math and science. During May-mester, teachers,
including Special Ed, TAG, EIP and CST, will provide intensive instruction to those
students before the CRCT retests.
Grounds Improvement: Parents Chris Willis and Pete Capponi, Mr. Anderson and Doug
Carey met recently to walk the grounds near the portables. Fulton County is reevaluating
those areas in an effort to provide more efficient drainage.
Transition: Mr. Anderson indicated that upon his impending retirement, an interim
Principal will be appointed. That Acting Principal will serve until Mr. Anderson’s
replacement is in place. Interested candidates may apply after a job posting is made or a
direct appointment could be made. There will be several Principal vacancies in Fulton
Next year’s LSC members: Carol Hamblin reviewed the procedures for membership on
LSC. The Council should consist of four parents and four teachers, with the Principal
being a co-Chair. Mrs. Hamblin also indicated that the Principal could appointment a
teacher and parent representative. She suggested that ballots be sent home (paper or
electronic) as soon as possible so that the new Council could be in place by the May 17,
2011, LSC meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45 a.m.
Next meetings: April 12, 2011, 7:00 a.m. and May 17, 2011, 7:00 a.m.
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