Music for All 2016 School Response Form

Music for All 2016
Name of Site:
Name of Contact Teacher:
Zip code:
Phone number:
1. Would your school be interested in hosting more than one group?
Yes No
If Yes, how many?
2. What is the age and grade level of the intended student audience or audiences?*
(*Please keep in mind that Music for All performances are designed for groups of no
more than 30-40 students and should be presented in a classroom setting and not in an
3. What is the level of musical knowledge and listening background of the student
4. Please give specific times of day that a group (or groups) would be able to visit your
classroom. On Wednesday, March 16, 2016 groups are available all morning through
12:30. On Thursday, March 17, groups are available starting at noon. Please also
indicate the grade level for each performance time.
5. Please describe your performance space:
7. Are there any stairs leading to the school or performance space? Is the venue
8. Please indicate the equipment you can provide:
Chairs without arms
Music stands
Recently-tuned upright piano
Recently-tuned grand piano
9. Do your students have any special needs or requirements?
10. Please indicate the approximate travel distance and time from downtown Rochester
to your site:
miles or
Please complete this form and send by email to Petar Kodzas by Friday, January 8, 2016.
Alternatively you might send via mail to:
Eastman School of Music
Petar Kodzas,
Coordinator, Music for All
26 Gibbs Street, Rochester, New York 14604