Rule of the Bone
Quote Explanations
Below is a list of quotations from Rule of the Bone. Write a response for
each one, discussing its significance. Be sure to include who is speaking,
whom they are speaking to, what events are occurring at the time the
passage is spoken and why it is important.
Each response needs to be typed, double spaced, proofread,
spellchecked and be at least a half of page in length. Assignments
turned in more than one full week late will only receive half credit at
best. Assignments turned in that do not meet the criteria listed above
will only receive half credit at best. Assignments can be e-mailed to me.
Chapter 4 - Adirondack Iron
“I’ve learned that’s generally true of life, if you’re not worth the
paperwork adults won’t hassle you(49).”
Chapter 5 - Presumed Dead
“Since everybody stepped across the line and did a wrong thing at
least once in his life then everybody was doomed. Everybody was a
criminal. Even my mom(69).”
“I didn’t know how Russ’ mom would take it but mine would be sad at
first and then she’d get over it and my stepdad would be secretly
happy especially since he could carry on like he’d lost something
important to him(83).”
Chapter 6 - Skull & Bones
“Bone is hard, man. Hard(107).”
“It’s the kind of power as all those superheroes who have secret
identities get from being able to change back and forth from one
person into another. No matter who you think he is, man, the dude is
always somebody else(108).”
Chapter 7 - The Bone Rules
“Let there be light, man! he said(117).”
“…I didn’t even tell him about although I don’t know why not except
maybe because he’s so excitable and all I didn’t trust him with
“It was like I had gone and changed completely who I was, my name,
my whole attitude, my hair even, and he hadn’t changed anything. I
was the Bone now for sure but Russ was still Russ(123).”
Chapter 8 - The Soul Assassins
Chapter 9 - School Days
Chapter 10 - Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig
Chapter 11 - Red Rover
Chapter 12 - Over the River and Through the Woods
Chapter 13 - Mister Yesterday
Chapter 14 - Crossing the Bar
Chapter 15 - Sunsplashed
Chapter 16 - Starport
Chapter 17 - Happy Birthday to the Bone
Chapter 18 - Bone Goes Native
Chapter 19 - Second Thoughts
Chapter 20 - Bone Phones Home
Chapter 21 - Bone’s Revenge
Chapter 22 - Shipping Out
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