Students: take advantage of free TB skin testing
March 23, 2009 (test placement)
March 25, 2009 (test reading)
10:20 AM – 1:40 PM, Room K6/162 Clinical Science Center
(Student Communications Room)
Mantoux tuberculin skin testing is the standard method of identifying people infected with M.
Tuberculosis. The Mantoux test is performed by injecting 0.1 ml of purified protein derivative
(PPD) tuberculin just below the skin on the underside of the forearm. This should produce a
pale elevation of skin (a wheal) 6mm-10mm in diameter.
The reaction to the Mantoux test should be read 48 to 72 hours after the injection. Therefore,
you should make every effort to get your skin test read March 25, between 10:20 am – 1:40
pm in Room K6/162, where you received your injection. If you are unable to get your test read
on March 25 at the Clinical Science Center, call University Health Services (265-5600) and
get your test read there on March 25 or March 26 by the communicable disease nurses at
University Health Services.
When the nurse reads your test, s/he is looking for redness and induration (uneven skin
texture) at the injection site. Redness alone without induration does not indicate a positive
test. If there is induration, the nurse measures the induration in millimeters. The nurse will
then decide whether or not your test is positive, depending on the measurement. A chest Xray must follow a new positive TB test.
After your skin test is read, you will receive the yellow copy of the Tuberculin Skin Test
Record. This copy is yours to keep. Make a copy of this documentation and take it to
Academic Programs in Room K6/146. The office documents the date and result of your
test. Please retain your yellow copy for your own occupational health records. It is your record
of the date and result of your TB skin test.
If you have any questions regarding your TB test, call University Health Services:
333 East Campus Mall
Ask to speak to or make an appointment with one of the immunization nurses.
1. If you prefer to have your TB test done in an individual appointment at UHS,
you may schedule an appointment at 265-5600. This option is always available.
2. If you know that previous skin tests have been positive, please attend the clinic
or schedule an appointment. In lieu of a TB test, there is a brief review of your
current health status that helps you to meet the requirement.