The Reward and Recognition Program is sponsored by Human

Wentworth Institute of Technology
President’s Achievement Awards
The Reward and Recognition Program for staff is sponsored by the Human Resources
Department. It features three annual awards given to staff members and it is designed to
promote and support a collaborative, service-oriented spirit within the institute.
The President’s Achievement Award for Service to Students: This award
recognizes a staff member who, within the past year, has demonstrated exceptional
performance that has an impact on a student (s) at Wentworth.
The President’s Achievement Award for Service to Faculty: This award recognizes
a staff member who, within the past year, has demonstrated exceptional
performance in the support of the faculty.
The President’s Achievement Award for Service to Community: This award
recognizes a staff member whose achievement, within the last year, benefited the
Wentworth community, either internal or external. The staff member demonstrates
the ideas of collaboration and outreach.
Program Objectives
1. To recognize staff for their exceptional contributions.
2. To provide a continuum of opportunities to acknowledge and recognize members
of the Wentworth community.
3. To recognize that each employee can make a difference.
4. To foster an environment of shared success and commitment.
These awards recognize staff members who have demonstrated exceptional
service that has had a positive impact on a student, faculty, or community member.
Achievements must be within the calendar years 2012-2013. Previous award winners
will be considered if their nomination is based on a different achievement. The number
of nominations that one employee receives will have no bearing on the outcome of the
decision. The selection committee’s decision is based on the quality rather than the
quantity of the nomination.
Individuals must have worked for Wentworth for a minimum of one year prior to
the nomination date. Members of PAC (President’s Advisory Council,), the Human
Resources Department and the selection committee are not eligible to participate.
Managers who are nominated by a supervisor or peer are eligible.
Who can nominate:
Any staff or faculty member may submit a written nomination for an individual.
The nomination form is attached and is available on-line at the Human Resources web
page. Self-nominations are accepted, however, the achievement will be verified with
the nominee’s supervisor.
Selection Committee:
The selection committee is comprised of a diverse group which includes three
staff members and a Human Resources representative selected by the President.
Committee members serve a two year term. Previous award recipients may also serve on
the selection committee.
Each award recipient receives a monetary stipend and will be recognized at the
annual Employee Appreciation Day luncheon with an award commemorating their honor.
Recognition will be for contributions in service to students, faculty and community
encompassing any of the following areas:
Designed, developed or implemented a new program or process that has had a
positive impact at the institute;
Saved time and/or money as a result of an innovation;
Streamlined procedures which benefited an office or department of the institute;
Created or implemented technological improvements using tools such as software,
or web-based programs.
Some examples of this type of achievement include:
 Created a new approach which increased a department’s effectiveness in
interactions within the Wentworth community (i.e. websites, calendars, etc.);
 Developed a new system that improved a faculty member’s ability to track at-risk
Originated creative ideas and/or methods and followed through with
Voluntarily assisted co-workers and generated ideas that enriched a teamwork
Voluntarily worked with an external community organization that collaborates
with Wentworth.
Some examples of this type of achievement include:
 Mentoring a new employee or community member;
Voluntarily attended training to learn new software to help a faculty member
develop web-based materials for a course;
Discovering and correcting an insufficient office procedure.
Consistently demonstrated extraordinary concern for satisfaction of
internal/external constituents including students, faculty, and community
Continually displayed exceptional courtesy and respect;
Exceeded customer expectations resulting in positive outcomes that support the
institute’s mission;
Improved productivity which positively affected a member of the Wentworth
Developed or enhanced communications, cooperation and/or collaboration with
specific institute customers.
Some examples of this type of achievement include:
 Helping a student, parent, faculty, staff or other constituent in a manner that
left a lasting impression;
 Meeting a seemingly impossible deadline;
 Improving interdepartmental communication which enhances the staff’s
ability to effectively serve the institute and external community.
 Worked with a faculty member during a lab period to help students better
understand the material being presented.
Nomination form follows.
Please submit nominations to the Staff Awards Committee, c/o Susan Morin, in the
Human Resources office.
President’s Achievement Awards for Staff Nomination Form
Candidates for the President’s Achievement Awards must have met expectations on their
last performance review and have had no disciplinary issues within the last year.
AWARD: (circle one) Service to Students; Service to Faculty; Service to Community
Please answer the following questions to illustrate how the nominee has demonstrated
Innovation, Initiative, or Service, or some combination of these, to students, faculty or
community. Be as detailed as possible using the criteria outlined in the recognition
awards policy. Please attach separate pages as needed.
1.) Describe in detail the achievement that is the basis of your nomination.
2.) What specific actions did the nominee take to accomplish this achievement?
3.) How has this improvement benefited the department or institute?
4.) Additional Comments