Other Support Information - Following NIH Guidelines

Other support information
Following NIH guidelines
NIH Other Support Policy
“Other Support includes all financial
resources, whether Federal, non-Federal,
commercial or institutional, available in
direct support of an individual’s research
endeavors, including but not limited to
research grants, cooperative agreements,
contracts, and/or institutional awards.
Training awards, prizes, or gifts are not
When do you provide it?
The other support information
should be provided upon request
with the just-in-time material.
Documents are uploaded on the NIH
Commons by the PI and submitted
electronically to NIH by OSP.
Do provide other support for:
the PI and all senior/key personnel
Do not provide other support for:
consultants and
other significant contributors
Information to include:
All active and pending support:
• Project/award number (with main PI name)
• Source of funding: sponsor name
• Project title
• Project start and end dates
• Current year or first year direct costs
• Effort in person months
• Project major goals (brief statement)
• Overlap: budgetary, scientific or commitment
Of note
• If the support is provided under a
consortium/contractual arrangement or is part of a
multiproject award, indicate the project number,
PD/PI, and source for the overall project, and provide
all other information for the subproject only.
• Neither the application under consideration nor the
current PHS award for this project should be listed as
Other Support.
Sample format for other support
As they say a picture is worth a thousand
words!! Let’s look at the example.
• Keep records of new awards!