Letter to class parents - Media-Swarthmore Chinese School 长青

Letter to Class Parents (Sample)
Please send a introduction letter to the parents of your class before the start of a school
year through email. The following is a sample letter. Feel free to edit the letter to fit
your situation. The letter will introduce yourself and the class to the parents, as well as
to establish a communication relation with the parents.
September X, 20XX
Dear Parents,
My name is Ms. yyyyyyyyyyy. It is my pleasure to welcome your child to the yyyyy grade
class of Media-Swarthmore Chinese School. I am looking forward to having a year of
learning, growth and fun with your child.
Our experience shows that parents’ involvements and supports are valuable in a child’s
Chinese learning experience. You are welcome to communicate with me on any question
concerning my teaching, your child’s progress, homework assignment and so on. You can
stop by at the classroom before or after class. I can also be reached through email at:
In order for your children to get most out of this class, please help them meet the following
class expectations:
1. The class will begin at 9:10 am on school Saturdays. Students should arrive at the
classroom on time for the class to begin.
2. Attending class regularly is critical to the success of learning the language. Students
should try to avoid absences.
3. Since the class meets only once a week, completing weekly homework assignment is
very important for students to digest and keep fresh what they have learned in class.
4. Students should come to class prepared and actively participate in class’ activities.
5. All the notes from the teacher will be placed in students’ folders. Please check your
child’s folder after school.
Please prepare the following school supplies for the new school year. The textbooks can be
purchased on the first day of school in the classroom. Please bring a check payable to MediaSwarthmore Chinese School, or cash for the textbooks.
Textbook: “中文” 第二册
“中文” 第二册 A & B 作业本
Reference book: “My Mini Chinese Dictionary” $xx.00
One marble notebook
One folder
Two sharpened pencils
One box of crayons
[Feel free to edit above paragraphs or add more paragraphs. If you want, you can talk about first
school day (Sept. 11) or request for volunteers from the parents for your class]
Mrs. yyy