Thursday 27th September

Tuesday 5th January 2016
If You go Down to the Woods... Reminder
Dear Year 2 Parents and Carers,
On Thursday 7th January between 9.15 and approximately 11.30 a.m. we will be walking
down to Homerton College on Hills Road to follow a Story Trail. Children will be learning
about compass directions and reading a simple map.
Children will not need a packed lunch because we will be back in school before lunch. There is
no cost involved in this trip.
Children will need to wear suitable footwear: wellies or strong, closed in shoes as the ground
is wet and muddy in places. They will also need a warm coat and gloves: we will only cancel
the trail in the case of extreme (driving) rain, so please ensure your child is prepared for being
outside all morning in possibly wet and definitely cold weather.
We are fortunate in being able to make use of Homerton College’s facilities again this year and
know that this is a fun and engaging learning opportunity for the children at the start of the
Spring Term.
Best wishes and Happy New Year
K Kowalska A Brehony