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Women’s & Men’s
Physiotherapy Service
Information Booklet
Information for Men
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Produced by:
Women’s & Men’s’ Health Physiotherapy Team
Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Homerton Row, London E9 6SR
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E: [email protected]homerton.nhs.uk
Date produced: May 2014
Review date: May 2016
Physiotherapy Department
IMRS Division
Incorporating hospital and community
health services, teaching and research
This leaflet provides information about the
Women and Men’s Health specialist
physiotherapy team.
Who We Are:
We are a team of specialist physiotherapists
who specialise in the management of men and
women who are experiencing problems with
pelvic floor dysfunction.
What is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Your pelvic floor is a complex set of muscles
that support the organs in your pelvis and
lower back, help you maintain continence and
contribute to sexual function. PFD is the term
given to conditions affecting one of the three
systems in the pelvis
 bladder (Women & Men)
 bowel (Women & Men)
 vagina (Women)
What to expect
You will be assessed by a specialist female
Part of the assessment may include an
assessment of your pelvic floor muscles which
involves an ano-rectal examination. Any
procedure carried out will be explained in full to
you at the appointment and if you do not want
to be assessed you can opt out at any point
without your treatment being affected.
Everyone is entitled to a chaperone of the
same gender during your examination this will
be discussed with you at your initial
You are welcome to bring someone with you if
you wish however they will not be classed as a
chaperone. If you are concerned about any
aspect of the assessment please give us a ring
before-hand, or discuss with your clinician on
the day.
What do we treat?
Bladder and bowel problems including:
stress urinary Incontinence
urge urinary Incontinence
incomplete bladder emptying
bladder and bowel urgency
sexual problems
pelvic pain
problems related to prostate e.g.
after surgery
Services we offer for men:
one to one Physiotherapy
You may need to be seen on more than one
occasion and follow up appointments may vary
between 2 and 6 weeks apart.
What to bring
There is nothing specific that you need to bring
with you.
How to get referred
If you are experiencing any of the problems
listed, you can speak to your GP, urologist,
colorectal Consultant or specialist nurse or
other health care professional, who can then
refer you to the women’s & men’s health
physiotherapy team.
Additional Information:
We work very closely with the Adult Integrated
Continence Service, colorectal services and
urology services.
PTNS Clinic (Posterior tibial nerve
Info: Weekly Clinic for patients with on-going
bladder problems or faecal incontinence using a
neuromodulation unit connected via a needle
inserted into the posterior tibial nerve
Venue: Physiotherapy Department
Time & Date: 12 weekly session, Thursday 3:304:30pm
Referral: Consultant, GP, Women’s & Men’s health
specialist physiotherapist, Nurse Specialist.
Contact Information:
For any further information or if you cannot
attend your appointment please contact:
Melissa Millman (Women’s Health
Specialist/Team Lead physiotherapist) 0208
510 7257
Sarah Titman (Women’s Health Specialist
Physiotherapist) 0208 510 7835/7871
Advocates in a variety of languages are
available if we are informed prior to your

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