Grade Parent Questions

Grade Parent Questions:
Each teacher has his/her own preferences as to how they wish to organize their
classroom. Above all else, as a room parent, please work with the teacher to ensure that
your efforts will have the maximum benefit for our children. We have compiled a list of
questions to ask your teacher – they should minimize your stress and pave the way for a
very successful year.
Can you provide a classroom list so that all children can be acknowledged?
(Important for planning celebration favors, food & craft planning, and number of
helpers to recruit.)
Do you have any additional names of parents who wish to volunteer?
Do any of the children have food allergies or other special needs?
How do you prefer to be contacted with questions…email, phone, note, in person
during lunch or recess?
Do you have any preferences for the celebration in terms of structure? For
example, some teachers prefer to have one game, one craft, a snack and a book,
while others give the room parents free reign.
Would you prefer that we feed the children at the beginning of the celebration, or
the end?
How would you like to utilize parents who offer to help out in the classroom?
Do you provide the materials they need to complete the tasks you would like them
to do?
If a parent is working with a child, where would you like that parent to go with
the child to do their work?