Information for newly enrolled children

Thanks for trusting your child to our care. We will do our uttermost in the spirit of “All for
Children” and not let you down; meanwhile, we need your cooperation to provide the children with
a smooth transition and a happy kindergarten life. In doing this these are some Need-to-Know
Procedures. Kindly cooperate by doing as requested!
I. Preparation
1. Mental Preparation: Have your children mentally prepared for kindergarten life and present
them with a positive image of it.
2. Interview: We will call you in the afternoon of Aug. schedule interviews and issue school
uniforms. On Aug 21st, there will be a Parent Meeting for new K1 parents at 3:30 p.m. to advise
you in advance of routines and activities. For K2 and K3 new children, school will open at 9:00 a.m.
on Aug. 26th, after having breakfast at home. K1 new children will start begin a full day of school
at 9:00 a.m. on Aug. 31st. (Aug 29-30 parents and children will attend school 1/2 day)
3. School Uniform: Clothing must bear your child’s name. Please sew his/her name under the
collar for upper garment and the waist for trousers,and do not bring any nameless clothing to
school. We require the children to be in uniform every day: in white uniform, white socks, and
black leather shoes for the flag-raising ceremony each Wednesday, and in sports wear, white socks,
and white sports shoes for other days.
II. Drop-off & Pick-up
1. Time for Drop-off & Pick-up
▲ On Monday through Friday arrive at 7:30-7:40 a.m.
▲ On Monday through Friday,leave at 4:45 p.m. Parents may enter at 4:35 for pick-up.
2. Ask-for-Leave: On non-holidays, if possible, come to school on time and advise in advance if
you need to ask for a leave.
3. Requests:
▲ For children’s safety, when dropping off your child please make sure your child is left with
his/her teacher. We are busy in the morning during reception, so if you need to talk to the nurses or
teachers about your child’s special conditions (of health and behavior), please make it BRIEF (or
you may schedule another time for a talk with our teacher about your child). If it is anything special,
talk to the Principal directly.
▲ Be on time for drop-off & pick-up. We request no pick-up during class, lunch, and/or sleep
time so as not to disturb children’s routine school life. If you have to be early or late for delivery,
please call us. For pick-up, please show your card, or the pass issued for non-holidays and
non-pickup time. If you have asked someone else to pick up your child, this trustee must bear your
letter of authorization, the pick-up card, and his/her own ID card.
III. Healthcare and Security
1. Morning Body-Check: We both teach and care. Kindly cooperate for healthcare and
disease-prevention. To instill in your child good habits for personal hygiene, please go through the
body-check each morning. If he/she has a fever at 37.5℃ or is contagious please leave at home
for family care to prevent other children from contamination. Please tell our nurse or teacher if your
child feels sick.
2. Medication taken at School: Hand in personal prescriptions to our nurse, with doctor’s
suggestions and prescription attached. The nurse will administer the medicine to your child.
3. Infectious Disease: If your child has had an infectious disease, before they can return to school
they must obtain a note from a doctor stating that they are free of the disease and the incubation
period has passed.
4. Attention: Check your child’s personal belongings before going to school each day. Do not bring
any dangerous or valuable articles, such as: stick, knife, bead, coin, cash or jewelry to school. If
your child does the school will not be responsible for loss.
IV. Family-School Contact
1. Teachers and parents should respect, trust, and cooperate with each other, and set examples for
imitation to co-provide the children with a harmonious living and learning environment. It is our
duty to educate the children unbiased, so don’t give gifts or cash to our teachers; and we absolutely
forbid our teachers to except gifts or favors from parents. Teachers are expected to say No in every
case and inform the Principal for us to follow up seriously. If you have anything to complain
about to our teacher, please be reasonably calm and don’t lose temper in front of the children or
2. Parent to parent: we always stress child to child friendships, but children fighting, such as
slapping or scratching, is unavoidable. If this happens, don’t accuse the parent or the child
him/herself face-to-face. This is negative to children’s mental development and parent-parent
relationship. Turn to our teachers or Principal for help.
3. Activity participation. You are welcome to participate in our activities, such as Open House,
speeches for parents, and parent conferences; but we kindly ask you to cooperate by filling out the
forms in the manual of family-school contact.
4. Family cooperation. Please instill good behavioral habits in your child/children, teach them to
respect adults, be polite to peers, learn to value things, and develop a sense of environmental
protection. We need your cooperation for your child’s education.
For inquiry, please call 020 84711604 or 020 84711441-ext 8308.