Advisors: Students with no college credit in English and/or math should be placed in their initial
English or math class based on their ACT sub scores or Accuplacer test scores following the guidelines
English ACT Sub Score of:
18 or higher:
English 111
17 or lower:
English 099
College Reading and Writing
Introduction to College Writing*
Math ACT Sub Score of:
26 or higher:
Math 212
23 or higher:
Math 120
Precalculus or
Math 140
Applied Calculus
22 or higher:
Math 112
Modeling with functions for Business or
Math 115
College Algebra
18 or higher:
Math 100
Survey of Mathematics or
Math 110
Finite Mathematics or
Math 202
Elements of Math
Stats 110
Fundamentals of Statistics
17 or lower:
Math 050
Intermediate Algebra*
*English 099 and Math 050 are developmental, non-degree credit courses.
Accuplacer Test Placements:
English (Reading Comprehension Test)
<78 = English 099
78 or greater = English 111
Math (Elementary Algebra Test)
<50 = Math 050
50 – <76 = May take Math 050 or Math 100
Students who score 76 or better will move on to take the College Level Math test and will be placed as
Math (College Level Math)
<50 = Math 100 or 110 or 202 or Stats 110
50 – <60 = Math 112 or 115
60 – <70 = Math 120 or 140
70 or more = Math 212
 All students should have ACT sub scores printed on their PDF; some student may
also present Accuplacer scores. The higher placement should be observed.
 Students with previously earned credit in college level English or math may
enroll in the next appropriate course regardless of ACT or test scores.
 Students may choose to take a class in a lower placement level.
 Placement is mandatory; students will be prevented from registering in a class
higher than their placement level.