Why the Zendropper?

Automated cell distributor on standard microscopic glass side for
hybridization in situ
Why the Zendropper?
• Automatisation of a very sensitive step
• High reproducibility of distribution from one patient to another and
from one slide to another
•No inter-technician variations
•Homogeneisation and reliability of distribution
• Samples sparing
• Time saving and rapid execution
Why the Zendropper?
• Optimization of laboratory tasks
• System using a software allowing traceability of cells dispersion (barcoded slides + session printing)
• Easier laboratory accreditation
• Better valorization of lab technician work
• Environmental factors under control ( T°, humidity, local aeration) with
Water Layer methodology.
Zendropper methodologies
Cells preparation
Distribution on slide Caryotype
Distribution on slide
Hybridization in situ
Water Layer Methodology
Double cells spot
on same slide
1. Karyotype procedure
Cells culture
Cells preparation
Distribution on slide: ZenDropper
Microscope Reading
• High automatic distribution capacity
• Homogeneous cells distribution
• 8 patients with 1 to 5 slides per patient
(40 slides on 1 rack)
• Timing: (dispensing safety 100 %)
+/- 25 ‘ for 40 slides
 Significant time saving
• Protection of technicians not exposed
to methanol and acetic acid emanation
from Carroy solution.
Karyotype : Water Layer technology
Distribution of a water layer on each slide
Needle containing sample is placed
just above the slide
Creation of a central crater in the water
layer due to Carroy solution evaporation
Ejection of sample on the slide
Aspiration of residual water on slide
Slide ready for Banding step
Hybridation in situ
preparation :
T° , Hygrometry
Distribution of cell spot I
Distribution of cell spot II
Slide ready for next step
Karyotype : Water Layer technology
of water layer technology
• Improved mitosis thanks to contact water & acetic
acid/methanol mix on slide surface
 Chromosomes more spread
 Banding (R or G) with better quality
• Creation of a micro-environnement  The distribution will
always be done with same hygrometric conditions independently
of climatic conditions
Zendropper process
Positioning and identification of samples
Positioning standard microscopic slide
Automatic validation by the Zendropper, of the
sample presence and determination of sample
volume (from 500µl to 4000µl].
Water dispensing on the slide for sample 1
Cells mixing following 3 programs of mixing
defined automatically in point 3.
Aspiration of sample volume needed to dispense
on slides
Needle positioning above slide , waiting time to
create central crater on water due to evaporation
of Carroy solution and Sample ejection on slide
Zendropper process
Aspiration of residual water on slide
Next slide process
Needle rinsing and next patient
Informatic management of session and
possibility to print session steps
Zendropper process validation
Comparative study Manual >< Zendropper
CERBA Pasteur - Paris
(Genetics departement More than 32.000 samples with Zendropper since March 2007)
Contamination :
Protocol : Cells pellets of 240 patients have been distributed on routine
microscopic slide alterning male/female patient
Results : No chromosome Y observed on female samples and confirmed by
Quinacrine test (100 mitosis per patient)
Conclusion :
No contamination between patients
Zendropper process validation
Quality of mitosis :
Less crossing of chromosomes with Zendropper
Quantity of mitosis:
More reproducible and homogenous dispersion of cells in mitosis with
Quality of « Banding » :
High level of homogeneity from slide to slide with Zendropper
Reading :
Easier with Zendropper due to quality of dispersion
Very efficient particularly for metaphasis research
Lab technicians reactions:
Easier and fast method than manual
Less exposition to toxic vapours
No more difficult work due to work position on bench or with a glove box.
Technical Characteristics
Dimensions: 60x60x80 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Rack with slides : 8 patient X max 5 slides
Tube holder for samples: 8
Extra washing needle solution: 2 positions
2 needles
• Needle 1 :
- Mixing, aspiration and distribution of
samples + distribution of water
• Needle 2 :
Aspiration of residual water
Technical characteristics
Zendropper system inclus
PC windows Xp
Software for operations
Software for setting up options
of user and instrument
calibrations (Ztoolbox)
• Printer
• 1 rack of 40 slides
Option : Bar code reader
Zendropper Software
• Zendropper software
Session preparation : number of samples, number of
slide/patient (codebar available) , print of session
with information for tracability
• Ztoolbox
Technical tool for maintenance and instrument set up
in order to obtain high homogeneous cells dispersion
conditions (Humidity and T°)
Zendropper maintenance
• Intensive rinsing procedure at
start and end of the day
• Regular replacement of
needles and tubing due to
intense corrosion of solution
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