Time for Mitosis Lab

In this lab, you will determine the amount of time
a cell spends in each phase of mitosis and
interphase by counting the number of cells in
prophase, metaphase , anaphase and telophase.
Let’s review the Cell Cycle: Interphase and M
Cells from Whitefish blastula undergoing mitosis.
Can you identify interphase, prophase,
metaphase, anaphase and telophase?
Mitosis and Cytokinesis
As you watch the animation, look for when
chromatin, chromosomes and sister chromatids are
As you watch the animation, note what happens to
the cell in each phase.
As you watch the animation, can you describe what
is happening to the amount of genetic material.
If you were absent or want to review
the “Determining the Time for Mitosis”
lab, you can use the links below to
perform the lab again.
Time for Mitosis Lab
Be sure that all data is recorded on the data
Complete any calculations on the data table.
Answer all lab questions on the lab.
Do the following:
If the total time for onion root tip cell cycle is 1,440
minutes, determine the amount of time each cell
spends in prophase, metaphase, anaphase and
telophase using the data from the data table.
How much time is spent in M phase and Interphase?