State that multicellular organisms show emergent

State that multicellular
organisms show emergent
What is Multi Cellular?
According to the oxford dictionary multicellular
defines an organism consisting of many cells.
We define it as a complex body made up of a
large number of multiple cells
examples are plants, animals, fungus and lots of
other things 
What are emergent properties?
Cell tissue Organ Organ System Animal
Emergent property is when living organisms develop
to become more complex from cellular level toward
an entire organ system. It is a thought cells are the
building block of life and they build up more complex
systems from the tiny little things they are. you may
find this link useful.
Multicellular organisms show
emergent properties.
Multi cellular organisms show emergent
properties.this means that organisms can acheive
more than the sum of what each cell could acheive
individually this is causeedby the fact that cells
interact, allowing them to perform tasks together that
they are not able to achieve alone. This link may be
helpful 
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