Students will know how an organism grows and how specialized

Content and Language Objective Sorting Activity
January 25-25, 2007
Cells’ functions are determined by specialized structures within
Students will compare cells from different parts of plants and
animals (including roots, stems, leaves, epithelia, muscles, and
bones) to identify the specialized cellular structures that facilitate
specific functions.
Using appropriate scientific vocabulary, students will draw, label
and describe the differences between plant and animal cells.
Students will observe and record the differences in the cell
structures of plants and animals.
Students will identify stages of cellular differentiation in the
development of organisms.
Students will explain, using appropriate scientific vocabulary, how
cells divide.
Students will create a model of a specialized cell and labels its
Students will sequence the levels of cellular organization in multicellular organisms.
Students will verbally describe the levels of cellular organization
in multi-cellular organisms.
Students will identify and verbally justify the sequence of images
of the levels of cellular organization in organisms.