Power point 11-1

Living Things and the
Chapter 11-1
What is Ecology?
Ecology is the study of the relationship
between living things and their
Everything that surrounds a living thing is
their environment.
 Living things are affected by their
environment. They also have an effect
on their environment
Materials that organisms get from
their environment are…
Nutrients- used by living things for
growth and energy
More materials that organisms get
from their environment…
So…materials that organisms get
Nutrients- used for growth
 Energy- in the form of sunlight
 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
Interaction within the species
Organisms that live in the same area with
other organisms interact with them.
They also interact with the non living part
of the environment called the Abiotic
Interaction within species
What type of interaction does the
wolf have with the moose?