35.Bruce Patti

Promoted by Flaxbourne Irrigation Limited
Community Representatives:
Kevin Loe (Chair) Lindsay Green, John Hickman,
Bruce Pattie, Ben Lissaman, Anthony Watson
Community Irrigation Scheme
 Water has become the most valuable resource to effect
 The opportunity is being presented for the
development of a community irrigation scheme which
 Inclusive of all.
 Provides for both current and future opportunities.
Without a Community Irrigation
 Change will happen regardless but:
 Water currently secured for the community will be lost.
 It will cost more individually.
The Community Scheme Proposed
 Dam the Flaxbourne River and distribute the water to
2,200 hectares of land.
 Capital Cost $26 million (includes contingency of $4.3
 Reliability assessed at 93% for a 1 in 10 year event.
Capital Cost to Landowners
 Base price for 2,250 m3 per hectare $10,300.
 Additional water allocation $1.87 m3 (in case of
rationing this water would be rationed first).
 To fund Capital Cost of the scheme proposed to seek
Council Finance for scheme. ($26.1 million).
 100% finance.
 30 year loan
 Lower interest cost
 Secured by rate on the land of those participating in the
 As it is proposed to recover cost by way of rates both
principle and interest are tax deductible.
 Requires a formal decision of Council.
Detailed Information Available
 The Flaxbourne Community Irrigation Scheme –
Information Document.
 Marlborough District Council website for detailed
reports and information.
What are farmers being asked to
 To lend their support to the Community Scheme as
 To provide a conditional commitment of land to the
scheme and $200 per hectare to fund final design,
consents and tender documents.