SS7G6 Environmental Issues-water pollution and unequal distribution of
water impacts irrigation and drinking water.
Water is a natural resource that is distributed
__unevenly_______________ in M. East.
Countries with water
Countries with water-Rivers
WHY-where they are located
Iran-some water/some desert
Country without water
Saudi Arabia
WHY-is is a desert
Irrigation-need b/c water in short
supply for farming & animals
*underground aquifers
*water wells
*water wheels
*Irrigation ditches
Water PollutionGrowing problem b/c of agriculture
Issue: access to water causes
conflict b/t countries
Dams built for irrigation & hydro
electricity in one country reduce
amt. water downstream other
Important- water is in short supply
In M. East
DesalinationTake the salt and chemicals out of sea
Very expensive & complex technology
Used for drinking water & irrigation
Reasons for water pollution
8Increased demand for irrigation
*Over use of rivers & streams
*chemical run off in water
*build up of salt prohibits growing plants
*cities growing rapidly garbage & sewage

SS7G6 Environmental Issues-water pollution and unequal