Experience on stakeholder involvement from projects in

Experience on stakeholder
involvement from projects in Addis
Ababa and the stakeholder analysis
November 12, 2012
Liku Workalemahu
Central Park (Peacock)
Vegetation near the Bulbula river bank
Mekanissa seminarian
Akaki Ethiopian Metal factory and
urban agriculture
Affected local community groups
Key stakeholders
• Negatively affected groups
– Nefasilk Lafto sub city
Woreda 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 10,
11 and 12 residents
– Akaki Kality sub city Woreda 3
and 4 residents
– Kebena Bulbula farmers
– Mekanissa Gofa vegetable
farmers association
– Akaki Textile factory
– Ethiopian Metal Melting
– Mekane Yesus Seminarian
• Positively affected groups
– Mekanissa Gofa vegetable
farmers association
Stakeholder analysis
• Influential groups (positive)
– Mekane Yesus Seminarian
– Youths
– Farmers associations
• Potential influential groups
PM office
MoA; DRM&FS Sector
AA Health Bureau
Akaki Kality and Nefas Silk-Lafto
sub cities
– Woreda Administrations
• Influential groups (negative)
– Oromiya regional state (Finfine
Surrounding Special Zone)
– AA Road Authority
– Road contractors
– AA Land Development Protection
and Urban Renewal Project Office
– Design and Construction
Administration Bureau
– “Developers” in upper catchment
areas (wetlands & near river banks)
– Master Plan Implementation
Reconciliation Committee
The city’s water dams, the rivers and the case areas
Legedadi dam
Gefersa dam
Akaki site
Perspective of the results
• Short term
Channelling resources to local community institutions to develop resilience
Improvement of drainage systems at local level
Donors influence ULGDP fund
Mainstreaming climate change adaptation with the ongoing revision of the
master plan
– Embrace participatory planning
• Long term
– Develop climate change adaptation policy, strategic planning ITCP and
accordingly revisiting organizational setup and legal frames
– Mainstreaming climate change in sectoral programs and projects
– The need for establishing a steering committee
– Coordinated and concerted action at regional level (Oromiya and Addis Ababa)
– Building more water storage
Three pieces of advice to address
identified challenges
1. Ensuring involvement of key stakeholder in policy
making, planning, implementation and M & E process
1. Conduct political dialogue and negotiation at regional
2. Important to participate local stakeholders in the
formulation of policy and planning
2. Establishing sustainable storm water management
– Devising effective urban edge management strategies
– Overarching climate change adaptation strategies in the
policy and planning frames
Piece of advice
3. New upcoming elections (on April) would
probably mean change of Mayor and
councillors. The need to sensitize and create
awareness to Mayor, councillors and officials
about climate change and cluva results
– Communicating in understandable way
– Linking climate change adaptation
issues/strategies with the new political agenda
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