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Cross-Platform Assigning
Case study: Miscarriage
--Starts with content idea, platform follows
--Miscarriage is a tricky topic for us; tons of search but not necessarily right
for print
--Timing is key for social
Many issues to consider:
•Pay print rates or web rates?
•How to strike the right tone with stories and design?
•Deal with all kinds of pregnancy loss or just miscarriage?
•How to integrate social media?
•How to stoke conversation, not just drive pageviews?
•How can editor, reporter/writer, videographer work together?
•Use uncomfortable footage?
Online Hub:
-Special design integrated
reporting, video, service, social
(optimized for mobile too)
-Researched community to choose
design themes
-Gave over our Twitter account for
the day (500K+ followers) with
special banner, pinned tweet
-Partnered with Twitter Canada,
got word out the night before
-Put a lot of thought into
#babyloss hashtag
-Script written beforehand, with
real-time response too
-Editor worked as co-moderator
with social media editor
-Not all links, retweeted content
from other brands too
-Average time spent: 13 minutes (double site average)
-Retweets up 750%
We may repurpose some content for in-book but for now we are #4 on
Google SERP so feel satisfied we are a resource for those looking for info.
Twitter sent to their entire team, and said they’d never seen a media brand
do something like before.