Staying Healthy, Active and Involved in the Community

Staying Healthy, Active and
Involved in the Community
Optimizing Your Resources
The Lakeside Medical Unit
Johns Hopkins Bayview Care Center
Lakeside Medical Unit
• Currently is a 22 bed unit with expansion
schedule for the summer of 2011 to
ultimately 28 beds.
• Opened in January 2008
• Provides comprehensive inpatient care to
older adults with complex medical needs
and specialty consultation to address
psychiatric conditions and behavioral
• The primary treatment goals are to
stabilize and discharge to the community,
assisted living or long term care facilities.
• The interdisciplinary team consists of
geriatricians, psychiatrist , midlevel
practitioners, nurses, physical and
occupational & speech therapist,
recreational therapist, social workers, and
clinical nutritionist.
• The treatment team works closely to
– the highest level of care
– coordination of the plan of care
– Safe and appropriate discharge
Criteria for Admission
• Serves patients 55 years and older
• Most patients have Medicare
• Medical Diagnosis and corresponding treatment
plan that cannot be managed in a less intensive
inpatient setting
• Secondary psychiatric diagnosis that requires
• Chronic hospital level of care needed to safely
and effectively manage medication and
behavioral care plan
• In patient medical and psychiatric
conditions that require inpatient acute
hospital care
• Nursing services outside scope of service
• Medical or psychiatric condition for which
on-sight continuous physician services are
• Seclusion and or restraints
Range of Conditions
Treated on LMU
Agitation and Irritability
Anorexia/ Failure to thrive
Delusions and Hallucinations
• Compassionate healthcare focused on the
individuals treatment plan
• Includes
– medical care
– Family education of the individual patients
medical and behavioral condition
– Nurturing environment
Typical Patient Day
Up for breakfast Around 7:00 AM
Self Care around 7:30 AM
Recreational Activity 10:00 AM
OT Life Skills Group At 11:00 Am
Lunch 12:00
Quiet time
OT Task Group 2:00
Recreational activity 3:00
Individual rehab tha may include PT OT &
Speech therapy scheduled throughout the day
Recreational Therapy
Memory games
Table bowling
OT Life skills
OT Task Group
Family Meetings
• Social work coordinates
• Attended by Psychiatry, mid level provider
and/or geriatrician, family of patient and at
times patient and referring facility
• Family education
• Discussion of plan of care
• Discharge planning
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