Design Problem #2

Design Problem #2
You have been hired by an unknown entity to put in a PBX for their new office.
They tell you that there will be 1500 people who work there, and it’s a pretty
conventional white collar working environment. The customer’s IT department is
run by someone who is risk adverse and quasi-autistic (e.g., a conventional IT
manager); he has been sold an IP-PBX by Cicso because it’s safe “nobody has ever
been fired buying Cisco” and because it requires someone from IT to manage it
(job security). Cisco, in turn, has requested a SIP trunk rather than a channelized
DS1 trunk.
If the customer wants to use G711, with 20 ms packet lengths:
• How many trunk circuits are necessary ?
• Do you want redundancy – if so, how?
• How many carriers are you going to use ?
• How much will this cost roughly ?
The customer has decided he wants to us G722 with 10 ms packet lengths. How
may trunk circuits do you need now?