Delegation Tree- How can we use this
concept to help us “delegate” more?
Think of it like a tree!!
Root-bound (you do
it all)
Root issues– I get
input from others but
I make the decision
Trunk issues– I let
someone else make
the decision but they
tell me what they are
going to do before
they do it
Branch issues– Let
others make the
decisions but let me
know later what they
There are times when you need to make the
decisions with input from others but as you
think of other things how often do you get to
the “leaf” level– giving things up completely?
Letting go of things moves from the root of
the tree upward to the leaf.
Start, Stop, Continue Exercise
What would be the best use of my time?
What activity or responsibility is no longer the
best use of my time as a leader?
To whom can I/will give this responsibility?
At what level (trunk, branch, or leaf)? By when?