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Distributor Meeting 2015
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Country Background
 Population:
Reaching 110,000,000
 GDP per capital*: 7.1% - 2014
 Major Industries: Agriculture.
Business Process Outsourcing
*Source: Google
AED Situation
Top 3 AED Competitors
Top 3 AED brands
1. Zoll
1. Zoll
2. Phillips Healthcare
2. Philips Healthcare
3. Medtronics
3. Medtronics
• Remarks: The Information stated here is based on worldwide
statistics, as the Philippines is an emerging economy it is only
now starting to introduce products such as these nationwide.
• AEDs lacking in most high traffic public buildings
• AEDs lacking in most ambulances (no external defibrillator
• Minimal Public Awareness
• No available Law requiring public places to install AEDs
Company Profile
BT Industries Inc. is a relatively new company
engaged in Fire Fighting and Rescue Equipment.
We have done an abundance of due-diligence on
AED’s in the Philippines and there is an enormous
gap in the market and we believe this coming year
with our sales strategy in place we will be able to
fulfil this gap, thus due to the growing awareness
and need for AED’s amongst major corporations and
local government units.
• Freelance Consultants – Local Government
Units (LGUs).
• Employees – Private Institutions.
• Engineer - Founder
• Cardiac Electrophysiologist advocate - Expert
Target Markets
Major Corporations
Health Institutions
Local Government Units
Property Developing co.
High risk patient populations
via doctor’s recommendations
Hospital purchase “for lease”
Government Municipalities
150 to 200 units (2015)
How We reach our Target Market?
Building awareness through advertising.
Pitching major corporations.
Freelance workers connections to government.
Expert electro physiologist promotion.
– Meeting with president of PHA, PHRS.
– Advocacy for policy via consensus recommendation from
these medical societies.
Presentations to hospitals/government/private corporations.
Display at medical meetings and business consortiums.
Sales techniques or Promotions
that worked
As of yet as we are a new distributor and this year
we will be focusing on selling as many AED’s as
possible, as we have just opened a brand new
office dedicated to selling HeartSine Products
Specific support needed
• To be kept up to date on a regular basis regarding all positive
information regarding HeartSine and your products.
• Transparency with other distributors.
• All requests to be dealt with promptly.
• Professionalism.
Thank You!
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