Graphing Relationships

Graphing Relationships
Graphing Relationships are…
1. …descriptions of how two variables relate to each
other on a graph.
2. …usually structured “As _________ increases,
__________ (increases/decreases.)”
3. …fall into 4 categories:
a) Direct Relationship
b) Indirect Relationship
c) Cyclic Relationship
d) Dynamic Equilibrium
Direct Relationship
A direct relationship is when one variable
increases, so does the other.
They look like this:
Indirect (or Inverse) Relationship
An indirect relationship is when one variable
increases, the other decreases.
They look like this:
Cyclic Relationship
A cyclic relationship repeats itself over time.
They look like this:
Dynamic Equilibrium
When the line on the graph always
eventually comes back to the same place.
They look like this: