Grammar Mini IO`s

Grammar Mini-Lesson #11: Indirect Objects
Objective: To be able to find the indirect object of a sentence (if it has one)
Purpose: To improve our subject-verb agreement; to learn the parts of sentences; to learn more
about our language; to help when learning the grammar of foreign languages; to sound erudite in
conversations of a grammatical nature
Definition: The indirect object of a sentence precedes the direct object and usually tells to
whom or for whom the action of the verb is done. However, like subjects, the indirect object can
never, ever be found in a prepositional phrase.
Words in Action: Indirect objects are underlined; direct objects are double underlined.
1. The principal gave her the award.
2. His artistic skills won him many honors.
3. The senator gave Jaime and me a copy of her speech.
4. The nurse handed the scalpel to him. (No i.o. – “him” is in a prepositional phrase.)
Practice: Underline indirect objects; double underline direct objects.
1. Weather reports save travelers time and effort.
2. Those shelving units have given our lives some order!
3. That research guaranteed us some predictable results.
4. They chart those statistics on a national scale.
5. Why did you give her less CDs?
6. My cousin reads her son many chapter books.
Did you find the mistake I put in?