Inferred Properties about Earth`s Interior

Inferred Properties
about Earth’s Interior
Earth’s Structure-Unit I Planet Earth
Do Now:
1. Take out Earth Science Reference Tables or the
ESRT and open up to page 10.
2. Obtain colored pencils and color in each part of the
“pie” section of Earths interior and down to the xaxis in the following manner:
 inner core: red
 outer core: orange
 stiffer mantle: purple (upper and lower)
 asthenosphere (top part of upper mantle):blue
 rigid mantle: yellow
 MOHO: yellow (darken slightly)
 Crust: greenShade in LIGHTLY with colored
3. See board for example.
4. Now we are ready to practice reading this chart.
Answer the following:
1. Why did we color each section from the pie part down to the xaxis?
2. Which section is the thickest? State the range of depth in km.
3. What is the interface between the crust and the mantle called?
4. Which part of the earth is the least dense?
5. What is the pressure inside the earth at a depth of 3,000km
and which layer of the earth is it?
6. What is the temperature 6,000km down? Layer?
7. At what depth is the pressure 1.5 millions of atm?
8. What makes up the lithosphere?
9. What is the core made out of?
10. What is the total depth from the crust to the center of the earth?