Back Rake

Single Point Cutting Tool
Tool Bit Geometry
Body of the
• Back Rake controls the direction of
the chip,
• Counteract the pressure against
the tool from the work by pulling the
tool into the work
• Side Rake along with back rake
controls the chip flow
• Nose Radius makes the finish of
the cut smoother & strengthens the
tip as sharp point is fragile
• Front clearance angle is usually 8
• Side clearance angle is 10-15
• This form tool is for a shift knob
on a motorcycle
• A form tool is precisionground into a pattern that
resembles the part to be
• This tool has an 8-degree rake
from top to bottom for clearance
• A Form tool can be used as a single operation and therefore
eliminate many other operations
• Feed into the work is usually slow, .0005" to .0012" per revolution
Different Tool Bits
Tool Bits
Tool Holders
Tool Holder
Tool Inserts
(Use & Throw type)