MACE Metrics Matter! How Do You Measure a Pound of Netcentric?

Cebrowski Institute Brown Bag
MACE Metrics Matter!
How Do You Measure a Pound of Netcentric?
Thursday, Feb 16
Glasgow Hall East 203
1200 - 1300
Einstein said trying to fix your problem with the people
and processes that caused it is crazy. In other words,
“don’t step on the same rake twice.”
Congress says DoD’s Information Technology acquisition
process is totally broken. SECDEF says he’s going to fix it.
Will SECDEF step on Einstein’s rake?...again?…and again?
Meanwhile, when it comes to this whole “netcentric”
thing … what’s the “thing”?
Chris Gunderson,
CAPT, USN, (ret), is a Research
Associate in the Information
Science Dept. He led an
initiative sponsored by OSD to
create the World Wide Consortium for the Grid (W2CoG), a
global network of collaborative
experts committed to rapidly
fielding netcentric tools.
Hint: It’s the data. There’s too much of it. How does
the significant bit get where it needs to go? Security?
Another hint: its not so much the technology as it is the
way you harvest it.
Have you heard about the Multi-Agency Collaborative
Environment ( MACE is not your
father’s Systems Command!
MACE wants to uncover criminal networks through
effective information sharing. Can NPS help them
measure “effective”?
Come discuss this with Chris Gunderson!