Hollywood Squares PowerPoint Game Directions

Hollywood Squares PowerPoint Game
Directions: How to Make a Game
■ Get the ERHS Squares template in Staff Shares or online at
■ Open the ERHS Squares PowerPoint template.
■ Click on Enable Macros.
■ Click on File … Save As… give the file a new name for the game
you are making
For Example : Presidents Squares (for a game about
presidents) or Pets Squares (for a game about pets).
■ Click on the View Menu and then click on Slide Sorter. You
should be able to see all of the slides in the game board.
■ To return to Normal View, click View – Normal or double click on any
slide when in the Slide Sorter View.
■ Change the name of your game on Slide One. Customize or
change the color on this slide.
■ Customize the game board. Change the color on slides 2 – 21.
■ Customize or change the color on slides 22 and 23.
■ Replace the text “Question Goes Here” with your Question.
■ Replace the text “Answer Goes Here” with your Answer.
■ Add new characters and character names to your game.
■ Your challenge will be to make your animations and transitions
work properly in your PowerPoint game.
■ Save your game often.