(ti 83 plus) to graph an absolute value inequality

Example – Graph the solution set of
5 x  15  8
Turn on your calculator and enter the Y= menu and
enter the first part of the inequality
Be sure to put the 2/5 in parenthesis.
To enter the absolute value sign, press the MATH
Go to the right to the NUM tab
Press enter
Enter the rest of the left side of the inequality:
To enter the inequality symbol, press the 2nd key
then press the MATH button
Choose option 6 and press enter
Finish entering the inequality
Press the ZOOM button then choose option 6
Here’s what we get:
x  1
Our graph is a conjunction between -1 and 7
Are you getting the following error message?
This means that your calculator is trying to plot
something that is not defined. This is a simple fix.
Go back to the Y= menu
One or more of the plots are turned on. On my
calculator, I have Plot1 turned on. To turn it off,
scroll up to the Plot(s) that are on and press ENTER
to turn them off.
Once all of the plots are turned off, it should graph
like normal.
Are you getting this error message?
Easiest way to fix this is to press the ZOOM button
the choose option 6 and it should graph normally
If you are getting a SYNTAX error, make sure you
enter the inequality/equation correctly