Maximizing Reproductive Efficiency in Lactating Dairy Cows

Dairy Worker’s Training Program
for Wisconsin Dairy Farms
UW-Extension Dairy Worker’s Training
Development Team
Jennifer Keuning, Kewaunee County
Tina Kohlman, Sheboygan County
Zen Miller, Outagamie County
Dan Schreiner, Brown County
Roy Wilson, Oconto County
Current Situation
Expanding dairy farms
– Need a consistent, reliable workforce
– Need workers with knowledge in modern dairy production
Communication barrier
– 38% of farms hire translators
– 24% use other Spanish speaking employees for training
– 19% use hand signals and “showing”
Training on Dairy Production Skills
4 Training Modules
Milk Quality and Mastitis
Reproduction and Estrus Detection
Newborn Calf Care
Herdsmanship Skills
• Fresh cow exams
• Assisting cows at calving
• Animal movement
Design and Layout
Section 1
Overview of module, program description, goals, objectives,
meeting materials and instructor information.
Section 2
Teaching materials including teaching outline, PowerPoint
presentation with speaker notes, evaluation, and certificate for
Section 3
Participant Handouts
Section 4
Additional resources and background information
Four Modules
Usable for individual farm trainings or group
– Tailor training sessions to your situation
Training Programs
Small groups
– 12 to 15 participants
– Trainings last 2 to 3 hours
On-farm location
Lecture and hands-on activities
– Teacher plus translator
Dr. Fred Ballweg, DePere Veterinary Clinic,
demonstrating esophogeal feeder use.
PowerPoint Presentations
All slides in both English and
Notes page on all slides in
both English and Spanish
Humberto Rivera, Accelerated Genetics,
explaining structures on bovine reproductive
Presentation Example
 Head turned back
– Feet are present
but the head has
turned back into
 To Correct: Push
feet back in and pull
head up and around
to normal position
Presentation Example
 Cabeza para atrás
– Aparecen las patas
pero la cabeza esta
aun en la pelvis
 Corrección: Empuje
las patas hacia
adentro y tire de la
cabeza hacia arriba
y hacia la posición
Participant Handouts
All handouts in
English and
Table of
contents lists all
handouts in
each section
Certificate of Completion
material to assist
with career
Provides proof of
Available Modules
Available for purchase
– $50 per module for binder and
– $25 for CD-rom or binder only
Place orders with:
– Outagamie County UW-Extension
at 920-832-5119
– Babcock Institute at 608-265-0673
Available Modules
Calf management includes
laminated protocol sheets
Herdsmanship skills will
include a DVD with video clips
to supplement teaching
Modules To Other Countries
Czech Republic
Training Attendance to Date
 Calf Care Skills
– 90 participants
 Reproductive Skills
– 35 participants
 Milking Skills
– 94 participants
 Assisting Cows with Calving
– 36 participants
 Conducting Fresh Cow Exams
– 38 participants
Results to Date
 Calf Care Skills
– 8 skills improved .9125 on a 7 point scale
 One Atta Boy Letter
– “The two gentlemen I sent came home quite enthused and
quoted verbatim to me all the things that I have been
trying to teach them about calves through the years.”
– Native speaker credibility, enhance dairy, new ideas
 Assisting Cows with Calving
– 7 skills improved 2.11 on a 7 point scale.
Thank You…
For more information please contact:
Tina Kohlman, UW-Extension Dairy Livestock Agent
Sheboygan County (920)467-5742
[email protected]
Zen Miller, UW-Extension Dairy Livestock Agent,
Outagamie County (920) 832-5119
[email protected]
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