to view their fantastic work

The following PowerPoint was produced by 7 young people
residing in our refuge
They had not heard of the 16 days of activism before and
spent time researching using the internet
 They were shocked and surprised by many of the statistics
and local incidents. They believed that they were the small
few who been affected, and couldn’t believe that domestic
abuse affected so many people.
 The young people wanted to explain to you about 16 days
of activism because:
“ We have lived with domestic abuse, and know how it feels,
we want you to know you are not alone and there is help”
16 Days of activism
Against gender
Made by;
Owen B
 Alex M
 Clarissa W
 Shaun M
 Annie S
 Megan S
 Beth
We made this power point to explain
to you about the 16 days of action.
The 16 days of action starts in
Bolton on the 25th November –
10th December.
8 9
15 16
Violence is happening every were,
You might not know it…..but
when you walk past some one in the street
they could be a victim of violence.
From April 2005 to 2006 they were
1,093 domestic violence
crimes reported in Bolton,
but many attacks have not been reported!!
What is the real number of victims??
Amy Leigh Barnes was 19 years old
when her boyfriend stabbed her nine
times and left her to die, at their home in
Farnworth Bolton.
Amy was suffering from domestic
violence for months before he killed her.
Katie Summers was stabbed 82
times by her ex boyfriend at her
home in Farnworth Bolton .
Katie was in a violent relationship
for many years, soon she got sick
of him and his angry ways and
moved away.
He found her and killed her while
their children were in the house.
We know what Domestic violence is like…..
We have come to stay at Lewis house because of
domestic violence.
Domestic violence was happening in our homes,
it made us feel;
Now that I'm in Lewis house
I feel;
Safe, happy, protected,
welcome, chilled out, smiley
The 16days of action is a massive
campaign, to tell people that
violence is wrong,
and you should never hurt another
No body deserves to be……
If this is happening to you
please don’t just put up with it,
You deserve better…..
Tell some one that can help you
Call the police 999
 Tell someone you trust
(a teacher, a doctor, a trusted person).
 Call Fortalice;01204 701846
 Call the child line; 0800 1111
 Call a Social worker