13. presentation on peace

Peace education is an attempt to
respond to the problem of conflict and
violence on scales ranging from global
and national to local and personal. It
is about ways of creating more just
and sustainable futures – R.D. Laing.
Peace education is skill building: It empowers
children to find creative and no destructive
ways to settle conflict and live in harmony
with themselves others and their world...
Peace building is the task of every human
being and the challenge of the human family
– Fran Schmidt & Alice Friedman.
Henry Thoreau,
and Maria Montessori
Maria Montessori in particular voiced the need
for peace education. According to her peace was
not only cessation of war Peace has many
positive qualities. Violence destroys the moral
perceptions of human.
Rousseau believed that man was moral and
peaceful by nature and this should be protected
and not be allowed to corrupt by the society
 Mahavir,
 Guru Nanak
Mahatma Gandhi
Bhagwat Geeta
 Vedas
Mahatma Gandhi the Father of nation gifted
the world his noble and novel way of
destroying evil with the use of non- violence.
Reaffirm The dignity and worth of the individual irrespective
of gender race religion or any other stratification.
Establish Conditions where inequality injustice and
discrimination are eliminated and international law can be
Promote Social freedom social progress and better standards
of living.
Sensitize The human race to the possibilities of global
suffering through nuclear war.
Build A culture of peace which will help the growth of
human race culturally socially and economically.
Develop a culture of peace that wills elements violence
from our families’ societies and nation’s elimination of
violence that is both direct and indirect and bring positive
 Caste
 Religion
 Language
 region
Education should act as a force of sensitizing
Build a positive environment for the growth of proper
Cultural attitudes are difficult to break
If there is a will for peace there will be a way for peace.