Elizabeth Arce

Elizabeth Arce
• I have been climbing for 11 years
• The last two years I have been living out of my
jeep traveling to different climbing locations
• I have made it a big part of my life
• http://www.deadpointmag.com/climbingvideos/watch/bishop-tableland-classics
Never thought it could happen
• While climbing and living in Utah, I has a car totaling accident.
• My boyfriend was driving the jeep while I was holding 36 eggs
in my lap. Suddenly BOOM! I look up and it’s a herd of
horses in the road! We hit a horse!!!! In the middle of the
desert 1 hour away from any help. Luckily someone we met
earlier drove by and took us back to our camp site…..needless
to say we did a lot of hitchhiking