I, Emma Freke

I, Emma Freke
By: Caroline Schiller
Book Summary
I Emma Freke is a book based on a girl named Emma Freke. Emma’s
mom does not really act like a mom. When Emma got an invitation to
go to her family reunion. When she gets to the family reunion she
meets a friend who doesn’t really fit in with everyone else. One day
Emma and the strange boy go to a cabin and when the big boss aunt
pat finds out she gets so mad. Emma finally sticks up for her self other
than being shy and scared. After that Emma makes a difference in the
family reunion.
What character traits does Emma
A- outgoing and fun
B- scared and shy
C-girly and bubbly
Who is aunt pat?
A-the little old lady who organizes
B-the big boss
C-a friend
Where did Emma go?
A-the water park
B- A family reunion
What type of mother was Emma’s
A-a mother who doesn’t care about Emma
B-a mother who is overly protective
C-a mother who is to pushy and bossy
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