By; Kade Russow, Erica Bien, MacKenzie Caldwell, Austin Redenius
 There are 1,326,239 named Animalia Species
 There are 9,812,298 estimated species
 Some Species would be a Cat or a Dog
 All the animals consume food
 The food is either alive or dead, or comes from
plants or other animals
 Tiger might eat other animals and a Deer might eat
How They Move
 Animals get around by moving(legs/arms)
fins, or wings.
 A fish moves by pushing its fins, and a Lion
moves by walking or running on their back
legs and front paws.
 And of course a bird flies with wings
How Many Cells?!?!
 All animals are multicellular
 Multicellular= Many different cells
 More than one cell
Missing Organelles or Special
 Animals Do Not have chloroplast or a cell
Common Name: Caribou
Scientific Name: Rangifer tarandus
Common Name: Dolphin
Scientific Name: Delphinidae Delphis
Pictures/ examples
Common Name: American Bald Eagle
Scientific Name: Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Common name: Eastern Box Turtle
Scientific Name: Terrapene carolina
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